Are you ready to SLIM down,
STRIP body fat and SHRED up?

The SLIMstripNshred is a ten week online coaching programme brought to you by Coach Matt Jordinson. This ten week plan is formulated for FAT LOSS to give you a body composition to be proud of!

Over the ten weeks you are given targets to meet, mind set coaching techniques, periodised training plans, periodised nutrition regimes, as well as regular 'catch up' emails, 24/7 feedback and all the information and support you need to succeed on your journey!

Your coach will be there for you 24/7 for help and support no matter what! Over the weeks we look at improving mind set, confidence, self esteem, energy, sleep, stress as well as giving you the body you have always dreamed of! Everybody is individual in how they are made up and motivated, for this reason the SLIMstripNshred tailors towards the individual in order to get the best result possible!

The SLIMstripNshred system will get you ripped and stripped for stage or competition, get you looking and feeling fantastic for your holidays or just help you drop them unwated pounds to feel better and more confident in your own skin. This is a none generic system, it is fully custom to you, your specifics and your requirements in order to get you the best result!


10 weeks online coaching includes:


SLIMstripNshred Fat Loss Cookbook includes:


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About your coach

Slim Strip n Shread

Matt Jordinson a Personal Trainer with over 10 years experience and expertise in body transformations is determined to get you in the best shape of your life!

His portfolio of results & testimonials speak volumes, as a successful personal training manager and mentor, Matt understands the importance of listening to clients and creating a working relationship that can pave the path towards achieving absolutely anything.

“I am an extremely passionate, determined and enthusiastic individual who strives for results! For me, I like to understand a client, really get inside their head and know what makes them tick. Its not as simple as just following a diet plan and training regime; there is a lot more to it than that! Over the course of 10 weeks and beyond I will coach and guide you through your transformation, helping you overcome boundaries physically and mentally. My aim is to get you that body you have always dreamed of and give your body what it deserves - real results!'” - Matt Jordinson

SLIMstripNshred Success Stories




Satisfaction Guaranteed

“I followed the SLIMstripNshred prior to going on my family summer holiday. Over the ten weeks Matt coached me step by step through my fitness programming & nutrition. I took measurements which I sent him weekly to which he would action and give any dietary or training changes to get more out of me. The supplements helped me which Matt advised and my stomach is now visibly smaller and toned for the first time since I was in my teens! I'd highly recommend this service to anyone.”
Steph Lowes, 23

“At the age of 45 I struggle with my weight constantly, I am vegan with Thyroid problems which prevents me from getting to where I want to be. I lack variation with my nutrition and struggle with meal planning. This was all taken into consideration with my plans and I was given a wide selection of foods to chose from each day which helped massively. If I was having a social event or a meal out Matt would guide me to the right options without big restrictions like previous diets. Now 2 stone lighter I have a better quality of life and better knowledge of nutrition.”
Gary Stephenson, 45

“I played Rugby for a number of years and with that I enjoyed the social post-game beers. Over time I ballooned up to 17st 5, something needed to change! I signed up for ten weeks of online coaching with the expectation of a result. What I received exceeded my expectation! I lost over 3 stone in weight and gained significant strength & fitness from my training plans. Things were changed up every few weeks to keep me motivated and to progress. I am now looking at entering a Body Building show in the next six months with Matt as my coach. I highly recommend the SLIMstripNshred to anyone!”
Andy Turner, 22

“Having tried every diet under the sun I thought I would try the online coaching route as I could not afford 1:1 Personal sessions. I signed up for the SLIMstripNshred and my results were fabulous! Matt listened to my needs and specifically constructed a programme and dietary system to accommodate my needs. He messages me regular to keep me motivated and focused, he shares some great recipes with me and the others on our support group which helps. I am more than happy with the level of support and the results I got with this programme.”
Lucy Jones, 29

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